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A Coalition of Christian Education Bodies

CCfE consists of a number of agencies seeking to bring a Christian contribution to education. Other individuals and agencies are welcome to join like-minded people on this venture.


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The delegates also attended one of three seminar groups:

1. Thinking Christianly About the Subjects We Teach – John Denning

2. Understanding and Handling Legal Issues – Edmund Matyjaszek and Libby Powell

3. Academisation – Clive Ireson

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The Myth of Neutrality

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali closed the conference by addressing the myth of secular neutrality.

He said that nobody works in a vacuum, least of all a teacher. He urged Christian educators to be careful in their use of vocabulary and to ensure they point out how the Christian faith is relevant to the subjects that are taught.
He also said that everyone needs to be ready to contend for the faith and give the reason for the hope that is in us.




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Conference Report

At the end of September, the Christian Coalition for Education (CCfE) hosted its inaugural conference: 'Irrigating Deserts; Thinking Christianly about Education'.

The aim of the conference was to help all delegates to form a Christian view of education in the light of the social and political challenges facing Christians in the UK today. 80 delegates attended, ranging from head teachers to parents.

Jesus at the Centre

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali opened with a biblical reflection of John 12:44-50. He stated that Jesus is the word, Jesus is the light and Jesus is love.

The Bishop concluded by affirming that the New Testament insists that God loves even sinners and that those who respond to the gospel, experience it as love. It is to save the world that Jesus has come.



The Importance of Character

The keynote speaker was Professor Mark Pike, Head of the School of Education at the University of Leeds.

Professor Pike spoke about the crucial importance of character education for children, drawing on the work of C.S. Lewis.

“We want to change children for the better. The issue is not whether teachers influence children, but how. While a school needs to have clear rules and established sanctions, if its rules are contravened this needs to be augmented by attention to the need for the student to develop good character."

“The problem with seeing children and young people as ‘products’ of their environment is that their human capacity to choose well, act with integrity and develop good character is militated against.”



Values Rooted in Christianity

Two political figures also addressed the delegates, Conservative Councillor Mary Douglas of Salisbury St Francis and Stratford and the Labour MP for East Ham, Stephen Timms.

Councillor Mary Douglas focused on some key issues of current concern in education: Religious Education (RE), family breakdown, Sexual Relationships and Education (SRE), extremism and truth.

“[The government] treats all religions with equal merit. It fails to accept that our nation’s values are rooted in Christianity”,

she said.


Useful Resources

Narnian Virtues

A character education curriculum project that uses The Chronicles of Narnia novels, by C. S. Lewis, in the school curricula. Professor Mark Pike, who is the Project investigator, explained at the conference how the novels exemplify universal virtues, such as courage, humility and gratitude, that children should be taught.

What if Learning

A website for teachers who want their classrooms to be places with a Christian ethos, whatever the subject or age group being taught. It explores what teaching and learning might look like when rooted in Christian faith, hope and love.

Same-sex marriage: Your legal rights to object

A resource created by the Christian Institute for churches and Christian employees.

The Christian Coalition for Education is made up of the following members:


  • Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, President, Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD)
  • Steve Beegoo, Christian Schools Trust
  • Hugh Bradby, General Secretary, The Independent Schools Christian Alliance (TISCA)
  • Guy Hordern, Birmingham SACRE
  • Clive Ireson, Director, Association of Christian Teachers
  • Edmund Matyjaszek, Principal, Priory School
  • Dr Michael Poole, Science Writer, Formerly Kings College London
  • The Venerable Norman Russell, formerly Archdeacon of Berkshire and Prolocutor of the Clergy in General Synod
  • Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy, Christian Concern
  • Nick Seward, Headmaster, Kingham Hill School
  • Nigel Steele, Public Affairs Consultant, Christian Education Europe
  • Norman Wells, Director, Family Education Trust


If you would like to be part of CCfE, please contact us.