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Seminar 3. The Hijacking of British Values and the Equality Agenda

Evidence was presented, showing that British schoolchildren are falling behind their international counterparts, in terms of, for example, mastering basic language and maths skills. Despite this, many schools seem determined to spend more time and energy instilling politically correct concepts of ‘equality and diversity’, while shaming and punishing parents who raise objections. This, Roger Kiska […]

Seminar 2. Religious Education and Collective Worship

The delegates were impressed to hear of the incredible work being done at Broadway Academy, and how Christian principles are encouraged across the whole of school life where pupils are from a predominantly Asian background. The Head and deputy inspired those present with their personal stories and the wisdom in how they use the law […]

Seminar 1. Same-sex marriage and other challenges

Professor Jones provided very helpful notes on several books about sexual ethics and theology, discussing their key arguments and key quotations, theological method, and problems with the arguments espoused. The books discussed were: Jay Emerson Johnson, Divine Communion: A Eucharistic Theology of Sexual Intimacy (New York, Seabury Books, 2013) James V. Brownson, Bible, Gender, Sexuality: […]

A better story for our schools

The keynote address was given by Stanton Jones, Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College, Illinois, and author of a number of books and articles on sexuality issues. Beginning with the goals and aims of education, citing Deuteronomy 6 and C.S. Lewis’s essay “Learning in Wartime,” Professor Jones proceeded to discuss the first sexual revolution of […]

Don’t withdraw, don’t compromise, don’t be afraid

Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe’s Church where the conference was held, gave the day’s first address, an exposition of Daniel 1. Comparing the situation of the faithful church today to that of Daniel and his friends in exile in Babylon, Roberts suggested that Christians should not withdraw from society and refuse to be a […]

The Myth of Neutrality

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali closed the conference by addressing the myth of secular neutrality. He said that nobody works in a vacuum, least of all a teacher. He urged Christian educators to be careful in their use of vocabulary and to ensure they point out how the Christian faith is relevant to the subjects that are […]